Oil Pastel Cake Drawings

Grade: 6

Artist: Wayne Thiebaud

Materials: exemplars, printouts, pencils, erasers, oil pastels, rulers, paper

Teacher Prep: Wayne Thiebaud PowerPoint/Prezi, print Wayne Thiebaud example and bio info, create step-by-step ellipse, gather materials

Day 1: Introduce artist Wayne Thiebaud using Prezi presentation and CBS clip. Demonstrate how to draw ellipse and cake with a slice missing. Have students brainstorm and practice cake drawings on scrap paper for remainder of class.

Day 2: Provide ellipse directions for students. Provide rubric from my TPT page, and go through grading requirements with students. Have students complete sketches and choose one cake to draw. I allowed students to draw a single layer cake, or multi-layer “wedding cakes”, but they were required to have at least one slice taken out of a cake. Students practice with oil pastels trying out different color combinations and blending. 

Day 3: Remind students about cake requirement and introduce tints and shades. Pass out oil pastel paper. Students begin working on their final copy adding oil pastel, tints and shades. 

Day 4-5: Students continue working on their cakes adding details, tints and shade. Students complete self-assessment rubrics when complete.

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