Roasted Red Pepper Sauce


1 Jar Roasted Red Peppers

1 Box Rigatoni (or Penne) Pasta

2 tbsp Butter

½ Block Cream Cheese Philadelphia preferred

1 cup Half & Half

1 tbsp Minced Garlic I prefer Goya

1 cup grated Parmesan Cheese

Fresh Basil



3 Shallots


While you are cooking the sauce, bring water to boil and cook your pasta according to box instructions.

Add butter to saute pan.

Slice shallots. Once butter is melted, add sliced shallots and minced garlic to the pan. 

Allow shallots and garlic to cook for a few minutes, stirring so they do not burn.

Add cubed cream cheese, half & half and ½ cup Parmesan cheese to pan. 

Once the cream cheese is melted, and is a smooth consistency, add in drained roasted red peppers.

Allow peppers to cook a bit while stirring.

Pour mixture into a blender or food processor- I love my Ninja Blender!

Puree until a creamy, smooth consistency.

Return to pan and toss with cooked pasta.

Top with pepper, and salt to taste. Add Parmesan cheese and top with chopped fresh basil.

Love leftovers in a Mason Jar!

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