International Day of Happiness 2020

Today is the International Day of Happiness. I think with current events, we need to keep a positive attitude more than ever! I know that I can feel down in the dumps at times, stressed out, grumpy or sad, and am NOT the example of a completely positive person but there are some things that I do to keep happy.

  • Keep hydrated

You have no idea how much being dehydrated can ruin your mood. I try to drink the recommended amount of water every day while avoiding sodas, sugary drinks, and alcohol on weeknights.

Try investing in a water bottle to motivate your water intake. I purchased this 48 oz Nalgene bottle from REI before the school year started and found that I really increase my water intake. I fill it twice a day- I drink one bottle full during the school day, and one bottle full at home. It’s extremely durable and easy to clean since its a wide mouth bottle. Tip: Invest in a splash guard (or two) for your bottle!

  • Keep a routine

I am definitely a creature of habit and this helps with my happiness (and sanity). Even on weekends and during breaks, I go to bed and wake up relatively at the same time. I am lucky enough that my friends understand (and some even practice the same routine) and we do everything earlier rather than later. Even a “wild” night for me ends around midnight. Sleeping in is usually 7:30 at the latest. Going out on a weeknight is usually a huge no-no (or I am back home by 8 pm).

I also keep an agenda to help keep my routine organized. Each August/September, I purchase an academic planner (since I am a teacher, it works best with my schedule) and use it for memos, appointments, meetings, and events (personal, grad school, and work-related). I like knowing what I have planned for the month, and what work needs to be done.

This year’s planner

I also keep a routine at my home. I try to grocery shop Sunday mornings (as soon as the stores open), meal prep on Mondays, complete homework on a scheduled routine, general laundry is done on Wednesdays, my sheets are done Thursdays, along with cleaning the house. I find by knowing what is expected each day helps it not get out of control. Of course, life has other plans sometimes and I miss a week, or am off a day.

  • Stay organized

I am a very scatter-brained individual so this one plays a huge part in my happiness. I like to keep everything organized because for me, disorganization causes me anxiety. I used to misplace/ lose EVERYTHING. If you have ever lost something, you know how stressful and panicked you feel. I now put my items in the exact same spot. I know not only where it belongs, but where I can find it. This makes keeping track of items so much easier. I try to practice this not only in my home, but in my classroom as well. But don’t look in my car, because for some reason it is always a disorganized mess LOL!

To help with organization, I also plan out my personal and grad school requirements on Sunday nights, and write out my weekly work goals when I get to school on Monday. Seeing everything out in a clear list helps to keep me on target.

  • Keep live plants

A friend had told me years ago that keeping a bouquet of flowers in the house or a live plant would help lift my mood. I had laughed at it but eventually gave it a try, and I noticed a difference. Years (and many bouquets) later, I have slowly added some live plants into the mix. I keep bamboo in my home craft room/office and a palm plant in the tv room. I purchased both from Ikea (which I totally recommend as their prices are MUCH lower than many other places).

  • Surround yourself with positive minded people

To me, this is a big one. I find that being around negative individuals can drain me emotionally. Although I try my best not to let others rain on my parade, it is sometimes difficult to not let others under your skin. Sometimes giving yourself a break from these individuals is best. You don’t have to distance yourself completely, but instead spend extra time with some positive people you haven’t seen in a while or take some time just for you to recharge.

  • Self care

This one should be the most obvious. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Do what makes you happy. For me, this means not letting my grey roots grow in. I go for a pedicure every two weeks and every once in awhile I treat myself to a facial or massage.

This also could mean something simple like #selfcaresunday. Treat yourself to a hydrating mask before bed on Sunday, take a relaxing bath, light some candles, meditate, or just actually sit down and catch up on your favorite tv shows.

My #selfcaresunday always includes an Origins product

Whatever it is that you do, make sure that it makes YOU happy!

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