Spare Cap Storage

I don’t know if there is a black hole in my classroom somewhere that swallows up every cap, but for some reason caps seem to go missing in my art room. At the end of the 2017-2018 school year, I saved EVERY SINGLE cap from dried out markers, pens, glue sticks…EVERYTHING! Although I did not have many, it was a start.

When last school year began, I put out a small container with all the extra caps so students could access them whenever they misplaced a cap. Students also knew to put any found caps into the container as well. We participate in Crayola’s Color Cycle, (which is an AWESOME recycling program), and we saved all the caps from the markers that we sent in for recycling. You can check out how we use Crayola’s Color Cycle on my Instagram post!

Last year I noticed that my students were having trouble (and spending a lot of time) trying to find correct caps since they were all mixed together. I was on Instagram this weekend and came across ArtTeacherK8’s profile and saw a post on how she is organizing her art classroom and was inspired! (thanks Heather!) She keeps all her markers and supplies in plastic drawers. You can check it out below.

I purchased a six pack of these Sterilite drawers yesterday from Amazon using Prime and it came today! They were less expensive per unit than anywhere else I checked.

I next used my Cricut to create labels for each drawer, so now it should be easier for my students to not only access, but find the caps they are looking for. I created a “Miscellaneous” drawer as well for those random items that we use, but may not have enough to fill an entire drawer. You can check out my process below! Check out my Instagram page later this month to see how I used it in my classroom!

Prepping the drawers: I always clean the surface with rubbing alcohol before starting!
Labels are ready! I used the font “Junette” and alternated colors.
In process.
All finished and ready for the 2019-2020 school year!

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