Activist Art Unit

My students are wrapping up their Activist Art Unit which consisted of four lessons and ended with students creating a digital poster. This lesson was based on one that my friend had previously done with her middle school students.

Part 1

Students were slowly introduced to activist art with a short assignment. I provided two different paintings with Rosie the Riveter as the subject, and students responded. You can download part 1 on my teacherspayteachers page.

Part 2

Students watched a short video clip from PBS and then brainstormed ideas for their activist art. Students wrote about what their theoretical activist artwork would consist of, what it would look like, and where it would be displayed. You can download part 2 on my teacherspayteachers page.

Part 3

I provided 15 different posters (selected from from artists addressing current issues relating to COVID-19. Students selected one of the pieces of artwork provided, and then responded using the template. You can download part 3 on my teacherspayteachers page.

Part 4

The final part of this unit consisted of students creating their digital posters responding to current issues relating to COVID-19. For this assignment, I asked students to utilize one of two different programs. They could choose to use Sketch or Canva. I also provided a Youtube tutorial for students who chose to utilize the Canva app. Both Sketch and Canva are free programs, however students will need to sign up to use Canva. Students used Google Forms to submit their posters in .JPG and I created a Youtube video sharing all their posters. You can check out their artwork here!

poster made using Canva

While we were off to a rocky start, the students really seemed to respond and connect with this assignment. I was pleasantly surprised by the responses and completely stunned and proud of the posters that my students created.

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