Rainbow Pancake Cereal

Have you seen the newest food trend, Pancake Cereal? I came across it on Tik Tok (yes, I know I am in my 30’s, on an app for teens, but I find such awesome inspo on it!!).

The concept is to make tiny pancakes, put them all in a bowl (over milk- optional), and then top them off with syrup. Since I am a huge breakfast fan, I knew that I needed to try this out.

To make my pancakes, I cheated a bit and used Bisquik mix. After the batter was prepped, I added the batter into a ziplock bag and cut a small piece of the corner off. You want to start with the smallest hole, otherwise your batter will come out too fast and the size will be harder to control.

The first batch I made was WAY too large, but after the next batch I was able to control the batter much better. I topped them off with rainbow sprinkles and then flipped.

Have you tried them out yet?

Check out my TikTok video, username: ImperfectlyPatricia

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