Christmas Craft- Decorated Ornaments

Add colored ribbons instead of hooks for a unique look!

A few years ago I made some tie-dye Christmas ornaments to sell at a local craft fair. They were a huge hit! They are super easy to make- all you need are clear glass ornaments, some acrylic paints and patience.

The great thing about these ornaments are that they come in multiple sizes, and you can choose your color combinations- so they’re totally customizable!

I purchased a few different sized ornaments, and several small bottles of acrylic paints (no need to buy any specific “glass” paint, any acrylic craft kind will do!) I tried to think about which colors would look best with each other, and stuck mainly with fluorescent colors.

The first thing you need to do is remove the tops to your ornaments, and put them somewhere safe where they won’t get lost or damaged while your ornaments dry.

Using your acrylic paint, add a few drops, one color at a time into your ornament. Carefully swirl each color around to get the desired effect. Add additional colors if you want a tie-dye effect. Remember, LESS IS MORE! You can always add additional drops of paint, but if you add too much, it can ruin your design.

Turn your ornaments upside down to dry. I used an old, empty egg carton lined with paper towel. Put them somewhere safe to dry overnight.

Once the interior of your ornaments are dry, you are ready to replace the tops, add your hooks and hang your ornaments!

If you are looking for a variation, try adding glitter instead!

Instead of adding acrylic paint, start by coating the inside of your ornament with a few drops of Pledge Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner. Yes, it sounds weird, but trust me, it works.

Once the interior is evenly coated, add whatever color of fine glitter you would like! Make sure the glitter has covered evenly and turn the ornament over to remove the excess glitter.

Leave it turned upside down overnight to dry and replace cap.

Black Fine Glitter

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