Color Theory (Hybrid) Unit

Lessons and activities relating to the Color Theory Unit. Includes hands on and interactive digital assignments for Google Classroom.

This unit was set up for a hybrid schedule with students attending in person every other day, while completing assignments in Google Classroom at home. All linked documents are available for free download on my Teachers Pay Teachers page.

Grade: 6

Artist/Theme: Color Wheel/Color Theory

Materials: exemplars, pencils, erasers, colored pencils, sharpener, paper, Google Classroom/Google Products, device

Teacher Prep: Color Theory PowerPoint, create Google Forms

Day 1: At Home: Have students fill out the Color Wheel Pre-Assessment Google Form

Day 2: In Person: Introduce or review Color Theory with the Color Wheel Slide Presentation With the remaining amount of time, students will complete the Drag and Drop Color Wheel and begin the Color Wheel Vocabulary Google Form.

Day 3: At Home: Students will complete the Color Wheel Vocabulary Google Form and Color and Moods Google Form.

Day 4: In Person: Go through the Colors as Emotions in Artwork Presentation. Go through directions for the Color as Emotions in Art: Logos assignment. I created this assignment as a Google Form and had students take a photo of their artwork to submit.

Day 5: At Home: Students will complete their logos assignment and use today at home to complete any missing assignments for this unit.

Bonus or Sub Assignment: Creative Color Wheels: Have students create their own color wheels with a unique design

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