Keith Haring Color Wheels

Grade: 6

Artist: Keith Haring

Materials: exemplars, printouts, pencils, erasers, colored pencils, sharpener, rulers, black Sharpie markers, paper

Teacher Prep: Keith Haring PowerPoint, print Keith Haring example pages, gather materials

Day 1: Introduce color wheel with images on Smart Board. Introduce vocabulary. Students work on color wheel worksheet. 

Day 2: Introduce the artist Keith Haring with Power Point presentation. Guiding questions and discussion. Show CBS news YouTube clip.

Day 3: Students choose 1 Keith Haring symbol to draw large on a piece of 8.5″ by 11″ paper. (Variation: Students create a symbol inspired by Keith Haring’s work). Students draw a dot in the center of their image/paper and draw 12 lines in radial symmetry from the center. Students need to make sure that their lines intersect with the image drawn, otherwise they must add more symbols to fill the negative space. Students will trace over the lines with Sharpie ONLY where the line intersects with the positive space of the image. 

Day 4-5: Students shade in their color wheels in correct color wheel order (using their color wheel worksheets as a guide if needed). Students erase pencil marks and fill out self assessment rubric. 

Student Examples of Keith Haring Color Wheels

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