2021-2022 School Year Art Challenges

With the challenges of last school year came some innovation. In past years I collected Extra Credit from my students by having them turn in “hard copies” of their drawings, but our district had implemented a “paper free” environment due to COVID last year which caused a need to digitize the extra credit.

My students still utilized art materials to draw their art challenges, but instead of turning in hard copies, students photographed and uploaded images into a Google Form (see example below).

I demonstrated how to photograph and upload art challenge drawings, and kept the format the same for each month for consistency. I created an “Extra Credit” section in Google Classroom where I posed a folder with directions, and each month’s art challenge and Google Form. To keep things simple, I posted the Extra Credit Collection Form (Google Form) on the Monday during the following month, and closed it before leaving that Friday. Students had all month to work on their drawings, but had to keep them safe until it was time to turn them in. I offer up to ten extra credit points for each art challenge (depending on how much effort was put into the drawing), so in theory, students could earn up to 310 points for the month of September. Students can choose to draw all, none, or pick and choose which challenges they want to draw. I do not offer any extra credit during the month of June since it is not a complete month.

I post the month’s challenge on the first of each month in both our Google Classroom and on our class Instagram page. You can find them all below!

I tried to keep things easy for my students by utilizing the same format each month, and only switching out the header, date and art challenges. Each art challenge is labeled where students can upload files. I made sure to “require” the sections where students will type in their name and class section, but left the file uploads optional, so that students can upload photos of the drawings they did.

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