Las Vegas, The Hoover Dam & The Grand Canyon

One of the most beautiful (and memorable) vacations that I have taken with my family was one where we visited Las Vegas, The Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon back when I was still in college. We flew into Las Vegas stayed two days and then rented a car to drive to the Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon before returning back to Las Vegas for an additional day.

It was a long journey- and a lot of time spent in the car taking in the scenery from the car window but I loved every moment. In fact, I actually secretly enjoyed it since that part of the country is known to be quite hot, and I was able to sight see while staying cool.

Window views. Taken while we were driving.

The first stop on our day trip was to The Hoover Dam. It was an interesting place, just not my cup of tea. I was more excited and anxious to reach our destination of The Grand Canyon National Park.

After a short stop, we were back on the road. I was especially excited to see the Arizona sign. Little did I know how much further we had to go! I seems like in New England you can travel across the entire Northeast and visit multiple in just a few hours. Once we made it to the Grand Canyon National Park, I was ready to start exploring. We were told that a potential storm was rolling through so we had just a short time to take in as much as possible- and take as many photographs as I could capture.

Capturing some photographs with my Nikon D60.
Photographs do no justice.

Unfortunately we only had a limited time at Grand Canyon National Park because a thunderstorm was rapidly approaching. The park rangers safely escorted everyone off the ridge and we made it back to our cars right before the pouring ran began.

Probably one of the few family photos we have. I have this framed in my classroom.

Since it was pouring rain and lightening (go figure the day we went, it was raining…in a desert), we made our way back to Las Vegas, making a few pit stops to sight see along the way. Although it was a brief trip, I got to see so many beautiful sights and cannot wait to plan a trip to camp and hike at the Grand Canyon.

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