Louise Nevelson Inspired Cardboard Sculptures

Grade: 7

Artist: Louise Nevelson

Materials: Cardboard boxes/scraps, glue, scissors, paint, sponge paintbrushes, cups for paint, cups for water, paper towel, sink for cleanup

Teacher Prep: Collect cardboard (boxes, paper towel tubes, shoe boxes, etc). Cut cardboard boxes into bases for students to select from, label bins (one for bases, one for scraps), distribute cardboard into bins

Objectives: Students will be able to identify works belonging to artist Louise Nevelson, define “form”, and plan and create a cardboard/mixed media sculpture.​

Day 1: Begin by introducing the artist using Power Point Presentation or Prezi

After the lesson introduction and showing examples of the artists work, and students work, students independently read the artist biography and complete question packet (link for bio and questions, and CT State Standards on my TpT page)

Day 2: Demonstrate different joints and how to glue the cardboard together. Go over rubric and requirements (low, medium, and high relief). Students who need to complete biography packets do so, students who completed questions may select one base to begin their sculptures.​

Day 3-4: Students continue working on relief sculptures. Once completed, they select one color to paint their monochromatic sculpture.​

Day 5: Paint sculpture, or add second coat of paint to sculptures/touch up spots, fill out self assessment rubric.

Tips: Pre-cut the bases for students (to avoid sculptures being too small or too large), have boxes labeled clearly so that students can sort bases vs scraps. This is a great project for when supplies are short, or you have a small classroom budget as the main supply (cardboard) can be found or donated to your classroom.

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