Keith Haring (Hybrid) Unit

Lessons and activities relating to the Keith Haring Unit. Includes hands on and interactive digital assignments for Google Classroom. 

This unit was set up for a hybrid schedule with students attending in person every other day, while completing assignments in Google Classroom at home. All linked documents are available for free download on my Teachers Pay Teachers page.

Grade: 6

Artist/Theme: Keith Haring/Graffiti Art

Materials: exemplars, pencils, erasers, colored pencils, sharpener, paper, black Sharpie marker and/or pen, Google Classroom/Google Products, device

Teacher Prep: Download Keith Haring Murals PowerPoint, create Google Forms, create teacher examples

Day 1: In Person: Introduce material and artist Keith Haring with the Keith Haring Murals Presentation. Have students watch 2 videos and complete exit ticket. Stop at Exit Ticket.

Day 2: At Home: Have students begin the Keith Haring Biography & Questions assignment (2 day assignment). There are 3 documents shared on my TPT page for this assignment.

Keith Haring Biography

Biography Questions

-Vocabulary Definitions Chart

These documents can be shared digitally, or printed off and used as a written assignment.

Day 3: In Person: Show examples and explain graffiti mural assignment. I provided Keith Haring symbols for students to use (as the internet has many Haring inspired works, and Haring has some artwork that is not “school appropriate”). I shared this document on Google Classroom, but in the past I printed and laminated the examples for students to use at their tables. Have students begin to brainstorm ideas and create their KEYs. I also posted assignment directions for students in Google Classroom so that they did not need to refer to the PowerPoint presentation.

Day 4: At Home: Students will complete the Keith Haring Biography & Questions assignment. If students complete the assignment early, they can watch the Jean-Michel Basquait video.

Day 5: In Person: Students will begin working on their mural drawings.

Day 5: At Home: Students will begin working on the Virtual Museum Visit: Keith Haring assignment. There are 3 documents for this assignment. I gave students 2 days to work on and complete this assignment.

Virtual Museum Visit: Keith Haring DIRECTIONS

-Virtual Museum Visit: Keith Haring TEMPLATE

Teacher Example: Virtual Museum Visit

Day 6: In person: Students continued to work on their mural designs. Some students may be finished with their murals today, so I went through and posted the self-assessment rubric (Google Form) for my students to turn in their work once completed.

Day 7: At Home: Students continued to work on their Virtual Museum Visit: Keith Haring assignments and turned them in.

Day 8: In Person: This was the final day for my students to work on their murals. All work should be turned in via the Google Form. Students who are finished early can play the Keith Haring art games and activities.

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