Virtual Learning

Today marks day 1 (of who knows?) of our Virtual Learning experience. Like many worldwide, our school district has closed schools until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have changed our usual routines and teaching platforms to utilize Google Classroom- something that is completely new to me as a Visual Arts teacher. Up until now, all my lesson plans have consisted of hands-on activities.

Teaching art through a digital platform feels so challenging. So far for the upcoming weeks I have art history (biographies and questions relating to it), compare and contrast the artworks of artists we were currently learning about in class, writing narratives about a piece of artwork, and virtual museum tours.

I will post my virtual lessons on my Teachers Pay Teachers account. Keep posted on here and my Instagram page for updates! I look forward to hearing and seeing what the rest of the #artteachertribe community is doing in their virtual “classrooms”!

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