October Obsessions

Kalo Mina! Happy November!! Here are the items that I have been obsessed with all last month:

Bissel Spotclean ProHeat Pet Portable Carpet Cleaner

I found this accidentally, while at Walmart getting Halloween decorations last month. As many of you already know, I have a Yorkie named Gizmo who occasionally has accidents. Normally when this has happened, I’ve had to borrow the huge carpet cleaner from my parent’s house, lug it to my house for a small area. I cannot tell you how much I love this spot cleaner! I’ve already used it to clean the seats and carpets in my Jeep, all the furniture (hello fall cleaning!) and the little accident Gizmo had in the hallway the other morning. It is so light, portable and comes apart so that you can clean the brush and water/waste containers. Well worth the price!

Better Homes and Gardens Wall Accent Wax Warmer

I picked a few of these plug-in wax warmers during the same trip to Walmart. I loved the light blue color- it totally matches my Greek-Isles decor. They fill the entire room with scent, and provide a nice warm light.

Sunshine Apple Scented Wax Melts

I absolutely love the scent of these apple wax melts that I found at Target. They really compliment those appleberry candles that I posted about last month too! Since this was my first time using wax melts, I was worried that they would melt quickly, but I have been using the same cube for weeks! The scent is not overwhelming but fills the entire room with fragrance.

Healthy Assets Crop Bra

I came across Healthy Assets on Instagram. Their products are gorgeous (and I love supporting other Greek-American businesses). I started off by ordering one of the crop bras to test it out and I have not been disappointed! I love the fact that the straps are so thin because I can wear this to work and under skinny-strap tank tops without it being obvious that I am wearing a sports bra. It is super flattering and really supportive! I have worn it out jogging and everything stayed in place. I have washed it multiple times a week and it still looks brand new!!

Jogger Sets

I am loving these super comfy jogger sets. They are the perfect lounge-wear and so cute for running errands in. You can find them on my Etsy shop while they last!

Apple Cider Donuts

This past month, I traveled across Connecticut to find the best apple cider donut. You can read all about them here later this week- and check out my food page TrishxDish to follow along!

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