Art Teacher Face Masks

Many districts are preparing to head back to school soon- with mask mandates back in place. Here is a list of some adorable masks that are perfect for art teachers whether in the classroom or for running errands.

Etsy- Art Teacher Face Masks

It goes without saying, that as an artist, our priority is to support other artists. I have a list of my favorite art teacher themed face masks saved from Etsy.

Amazon- Art Teacher Face Masks

So many great selections from Van Gogh to Keith Haring and everyone in between. Check out my Amazon shopping list for Art Teacher Face Masks

Crayola Face Masks

What says “teacher” more than Crayola? I absolutely love these face masks from Crayola. They come in multiple styles and sizes so you can purchase them for yourself, or your kid

Kitsch Face Masks

Although they are not “teacher” themed, I love the face masks from Kitsch. They are super comfy and come in leopard print (my favorite). You can order these masks right from Kitsch’s website, but I picked mine up in store from Ulta.

Evil Eye Face Masks

Not so *shameless plug*, but the masks I most frequently wear while teaching are the ones I make and sell in my own shop! They come in 2 styles (Soteria and Hygenia) and in either black or white. Additionally, the Hygenia also comes in tie-dye, and I sell masks with the Hamsa on them too! You can shop them all (and my evil eye mask holders) by visiting my Shopify!

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