Heading to Thanksgiving dinner and don’t know what to bring? How about an easy to prep charcuterie board? I picked up all my food supplies locally at Stew Leonard’s in Norwalk, but feel free to purchase items wherever fits your budget and needs. The great thing about charcuterie boards are that you can customize them! … More Thanksgiving

Nautical Pumpkins

One of my favorite things about living in New England (besides our autumn) is our coastlines. I have been blessed with my last few apartments being not too far from the beach. That being said, my entire home has a beach-vibe theme going on…I prefer to call it Greek Isles themed, but it definitely has … More Nautical Pumpkins

Extra Credit

A few years ago, I started posting monthly art challenges that I use for extra credit opportunities in the art classroom. Last year, I started creating my own and it has been a lot of fun! I tried to create them month by month last year, and this caused a lot of extra work having … More Extra Credit

Classroom Rule Posters

I love Kaitlynn Albani’s Classroom Rule Posters! They’re adorable (and watercolor themed), and match with my classroom decor perfectly! They are listed in Kaitlynn’s TPT page, and best of all- its FREE! The link for the freebie is here. Check out her page, she has a lot of awesome resources for elementary teachers! I just … More Classroom Rule Posters

Spare Cap Storage

I don’t know if there is a black hole in my classroom somewhere that swallows up every cap, but for some reason caps seem to go missing in my art room. At the end of the 2017-2018 school year, I saved EVERY SINGLE cap from dried out markers, pens, glue sticks…EVERYTHING! Although I did not … More Spare Cap Storage

Buttonwood Farm

Visiting Buttonwood Farm Ice Creamery and Sunflower Fields This past Monday my aunt and I took a trip up to Griswold, CT to visit Buttonwood Farm. If you are familiar with the area, it is just a bit more further north than the casinos. Not only does Buttonwood Farm make their own ice cream, and … More Buttonwood Farm

Penwood State Park, CT

Located nearby Hartford, CT, Penwood State Park offered maintained trails that were easy enough for the whole family to enjoy. One of my good friends and I decided to take her brother (then 10) with us one fall and he had a blast exploring the trails and nature.

Positive/Negative insects

Grade: 8 Artist: MC Escher Materials: Pencils, erasers, scissors, index cards, newsprint paper, black Sharpie markers, white drawing paper Teacher Prep: Make an example for each step ​ Day 1: Introduce positive and negative space using Prezi. Have students sketch 3 different symmetrical insects, with a symmetrical pattern. Once students have sketched 3 designs, have them choose one insect that they will use … More Positive/Negative insects

Louise Nevelson Inspired Cardboard Sculptures

Grade: 7 Artist: Louise Nevelson Materials: Cardboard boxes/scraps, glue, scissors, paint, sponge paintbrushes, cups for paint, cups for water, paper towel, sink for cleanup Teacher Prep: Collect cardboard (boxes, paper towel tubes, shoe boxes, etc). Cut cardboard boxes into bases for students to select from, label bins (one for bases, one for scraps), distribute cardboard into bins Objectives: Students … More Louise Nevelson Inspired Cardboard Sculptures

Nierikas- Yarn “Paintings” inspired by Starry Night

Grade: 7 Artist: Huichol tribe in Mexico, Vincent Van Gogh Materials: yarn, scissors, liquid glue, paper, colored pencils, crayons, pencils, erasers, Starry Night handouts Teacher Prep: print out copies of Starry Night and laminate for students to reference at their tables, collect yarn Day 1: Introduce the students to the works of Vincent Van Gogh using Prezi. Have students disect the … More Nierikas- Yarn “Paintings” inspired by Starry Night